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Varsity Field Hockey- Garden City Trojans defeat Locust Valley 8-0

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Before playing a game against Locust Valley on Friday October 8th, Garden City's field hockey team was unbeaten, un-scored upon and held a 7-0 overall record. As the final seconds ticked away during the Locust Valley game, Garden City added another win, and another shutout as the team continued it's unbeaten ways with an 8-0 victory. Junior Alex Bruno led the scoring for GC with two goals and three assists. Also scoring for the Trojans were Marguerite Rix, one goal; Liz Kane, one goal; Caroline Tarzian, one goal; Catherine McTiernan, one goal/one assist; Christine Codignotto, one goal; Bitty Furman, one goal; Erin Mullins, one assist. Goalkeeper Laura Fanning made two saves for GC.....The 2010 Garden City Trojans varsity field hockey team is coached by Diane Chapman with Lauren LiCalzi and includes: Alexandra Bruno, Katie McCarthy, Linda Attanasio, Tara Mahon, Christine Codignotto, Victoria Piscopo, Katie Trimmer, Kathryn Montgomery, Kelly Tierney, Gabriella Giannone, Charlotte Castronovo, Mikaela Rix, Marguerite Rix, Allison Lohrer, Lauren Engelke, Catherine Dickinson, Tara DeAngelo, Erin Mullins, Krista Dampman, Catherine McTiernan, Elizabeth Furman, Jenna Fuchs, Gabrielle Nesi, Emma Kane, Liz Kane, Caroline Tarzian, Laura Fanning and Allison Miller. The Locust Valley 2010 varsity Field Hockey Roster includes: Jenna Desmond, Meghan Collins, Sami Limperis-Kaufman, Bairre Reilly, Julia Palermo, Preston Tansill, Jessie Craft, Noelle Antignano, Marianne Leslie, Emily Dragone, Steph Peguillan, Amanda Maher, Sophia Ronzetti, Kassandra Brexel, Emily Schlicht, Lauren Varricchio.

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City, State, Country: Garden City,ny,United States
Date submitted: 10 Oct 2010
Date taken: 08 Oct 2010
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Keywords: Garden City, Trojans, Locust Valley, Varsity, Field Hockey, photos
Category: Sports/Field Hockey
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